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Teaching Empathy at Home and School. Can Schools Teach Empathy?

From Rick Ackerly, Via @SirKenRobison Last week a parent asked,  ”Can schools teach empathy?” Here’s my answer. Empathy isn’t taught. The human brain is wired for empathy (mirror neurons). Adults shape an environment; that environment shapes the child’s empathy. So schools can’t not educate a child’s empathy. If they don’t do it well, they do it

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Stepping into the Past: Everyday Places that Awaken the Historical Imagination

via Tom Peace at ActiveHistory.ca Like many other types of high school romances, I fell in love with history in my parents’ backyard.  A series of trails behind their house opened the door to worlds decades and centuries past.  These trails at the Head of the Lake (Dundas, Ontario) introduced me to Aboriginal canoe routes,

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It really is about the technology and . . . (via User Generated Education)

Great take on technology’s part in the classroom. Yes, our classrooms should have technology. But modern, user-friendly and differentiated technology that enhances teaching, not replaces it. It is not about the technology. I have developed a sour taste for this common and almost automatic “battle cry” from the educational technology community.   If we view learning

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