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Follow Friday: Twitter for Educators

Some of you may remember my Top 50 Twitter Accounts for Historians Follow Friday edition. There are a number of fantastic education-related Twitter accounts out there too, but the easiest way to find and collaborate with other educators and build a professional learning network, I find, is not searching them out one-by-one, but by participating

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Response: Ottawa School Cancels Remembrance Day Symposium

The National Post reported today that Notre Dame School in Ottawa has cancelled their yearly Remembrance Day Symposium. The Symposium, usually held on November 10, hosted veterans to tell their stories, historians and a variety of hands-on materials, including uniforms, disabled firearms and military replicas. Students were able to move from classroom to classroom and

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Leaves, Trees, Forest: Lessons in Education from Dan Mangan

I was at Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Mangan’s concert recently (thanks Dad!) and he played this great song called “Leaves, Trees, Forest.” He told us it was a song about perspective. When we look at a single leaf, we look at the intricate patterns that play out on it – we think about the beautiful colours.

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Book Review: Ken Robinson’s The Element

Sir Ken Robinson is like a rock-star of the educational world. I’ve always been very familiar with his TED Talks, which inspire creativity and education reform. I had not known that he also had published books on the very same issue until his first book, Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative was re-released

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Report Cards for the Modern Age

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Good Education just ran a fantastic contest where it asked readers for a redesign of the traditional report card, making it “visually appealing, informative, and inspirational, and give context to student achievement.” Click on the thumbnails to check out some of the selection below (the first, which features a “student” named Stephanie Paige Jobs, is

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Happy First Day of School!

To all those new and veteran teachers (and students) beginning school today, Happy First Day of School! I hope it is full of excitement, inquiry and maybe even a little learning. Much love, Laura

Two-Year Teachers College

The Ontario Liberal Government (in interest of full disclosure —I have an inexplicable crush on Dalton McGuinty) has recently said that they would increase Ontario’s Teachers College to a 2-year program versus 1-year program if elected. As a recent graduate of the original 1-year program, I personally support a 2-year program. A better trained teacher

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21st Century Education in New Brunswick


Great video from the New Brunswick Department of Education—again on the topic of bringing our classrooms into the modern age.

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