This Week in Canadian History (Nov 28-Dec 4)

Nov 28, 1812 – The Battle of Frenchman’s Creek during the War of 1812. American forces under General Alexander Smyth cross the Niagara River with aims of seizing the British battery and destroying a bridge that connected Fort Erie to Chippawa. Although the attack on the battery was initially successful, British, Canadian and Aboriginal forces caught up with some American troops still waiting to be evacuated across the river and forced them to surrender.

November 29, 1950 – Canadian playwright, director and novelist Marie Laberge is born in Québec. Laberge has been awarded the Governor General’s Award, Prix des libraires du Québec, and is an Officer of the Order of Canada.

November 30, 1874 – Lucy Maud Montgomery is born at Clifton, Prince Edward Island. Montgomery is most famously author of Anne of Green Gables and its subsequent sequels, and the Emily of New Moon trilogy.

– 1933, Sir Arthur Currie, commander of the Canadian Corps in the First World War (July 1917 onwards) dies in Montréal. Read my love letter to Currie here.

December 1, 1969 – The City of Vancouver is awarded an NHL team. The Vancouver Canucks, named after Canadian comic book hero Johnny Canuck, plays its first NHL game in the 1970 season.

December 2, 1933 – Newfoundland, facing financial crisis, is forced to give up its Dominion status; the constitution is suspended and it is reverted to a Crown colony.

December 3, 1960 – 16 year-old Annette Toft becomes Canada’s 2,000,000th immigrant since 1945. Check out CBC’s coverage of the event here.

December 4, 1950 – Canadian forces in Korea assist in the evacuation of Chinnampo. Six UN Nation ships, and three Canadian destroyed (led by the HMCS Cayuga) had to navigate dangerous, shallow, mine-laden waters to reach the port, then bombarding the port to cover and protect the evacuating soldiers.

Like this feature? Check out The Canadian Encyclopedia, Today in Canadian History and the CBC Archives for more just like it! I’ve also moved this feature to Sunday nights so you have a chance to browse for the week ahead.


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