Month: September 2011

This Week in Canadian History (Sept 26-Oct 2)

Sept 26, 1813 – After defeating the British fleet, almost 5,000 American troops are ferried across Lake Erie, landing at an already deserted Fort Malden. – 1826 – Bytown, later to become our country’s capital, Ottawa, was founded. The city originated as a base for construction of the Rideau Canal by its namesake, John By. Sept 27,

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Follow Friday: The Canadian Encyclopedia

Welcome to the first of Blackboard Battlefield’s Follow Fridays! I hope to regularly feature great History or Education resources every week in order to share the ones I already love and, with the help of my readers, find some great new resources to feature. This week features The Historica-Dominion Institute’s The Canadian Encyclopedia, who just

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TED Talk: Big History & Collective Learning

You’ll think twice about complaining about having to teach 100 years of History in only a semester. David Christian uses 18 minutes to explore 13.7 Billion years of History and the lessons associated with it. Most importantly, that human survival and progress is dependent on the crucial element of collective learning.

“What big history can do is show us the nature of our complexity and fragility and the dangers that face us, but it can also show us our power with collective learning.”

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Winnipeg Jets Honour RCAF

Today the Winnipeg Jets unveiled their “home and away” jerseys. The jersey, and its logo (unveiled earlier in the off-season) are in many ways a tribute to the Royal Canadian Air Force. Designed by True North, the NHL and Reebok, the logos themselves mimic the RCAF and RAF roundels that have been featured on British

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Happy First Day of School!

To all those new and veteran teachers (and students) beginning school today, Happy First Day of School! I hope it is full of excitement, inquiry and maybe even a little learning. Much love, Laura

Field Trip: Royal Canadian Navy’s HMCS Montréal!

I’ve just returned from a great trip to the Royal Canadian Navy’s HMCS Montréal (and view from the outside of the RCN minesweepers Summerside and Shawinigan). The Montréal, the main attraction, is one of 12 Halifax-class frigates in the RCN. It’s 134 metres, and quite formidable looking, docked just beyond Captain John’s seafood place and

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Teaching Empathy at Home and School. Can Schools Teach Empathy?

From Rick Ackerly, Via @SirKenRobison Last week a parent asked,  ”Can schools teach empathy?” Here’s my answer. Empathy isn’t taught. The human brain is wired for empathy (mirror neurons). Adults shape an environment; that environment shapes the child’s empathy. So schools can’t not educate a child’s empathy. If they don’t do it well, they do it

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Two-Year Teachers College

The Ontario Liberal Government (in interest of full disclosure —I have an inexplicable crush on Dalton McGuinty) has recently said that they would increase Ontario’s Teachers College to a 2-year program versus 1-year program if elected. As a recent graduate of the original 1-year program, I personally support a 2-year program. A better trained teacher

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