Month: August 2011

This Week in Canadian History (Aug 15-21)

Aug 15, 1917  – The attack on Hill 70 begins. It was the first major action fought by the Canadian Corps under a Canadian commander, Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie. It was successful and the Canadians withstood a German counterattack. – 1925 – Jazz pianist and composer Oscar Peterson, whose numerous awards include a Grammy for Lifetime Achievement, was

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Welcome back Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force

According to this article in the Huffington Post, the Canadian Maritime Command and Air Command are returning to their prior official names, the Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force. The current names were the result of the unification and integration of Canada’s forces. Paul Hellyer, Defence Minister for the Pearson Liberal government, who

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Stepping into the Past: Everyday Places that Awaken the Historical Imagination

via Tom Peace at Like many other types of high school romances, I fell in love with history in my parents’ backyard.  A series of trails behind their house opened the door to worlds decades and centuries past.  These trails at the Head of the Lake (Dundas, Ontario) introduced me to Aboriginal canoe routes,

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TED Talk: Adora Svitak on Empowering Youth

Watch this amazing young woman, Adora Svitak, speaking out on the creativity and hopefulness of youth, and how we can best nurture that: through high expectations and opportunities for success. I think this lesson applies inside and outside the classroom.

“When expectations are low—trust me—we will sink to them.”

It really is about the technology and . . . (via User Generated Education)

Great take on technology’s part in the classroom. Yes, our classrooms should have technology. But modern, user-friendly and differentiated technology that enhances teaching, not replaces it. It is not about the technology. I have developed a sour taste for this common and almost automatic “battle cry” from the educational technology community.   If we view learning

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This Week in Canadian History (Aug 8-14)

Aug 8, 1918 – Allied forces launch an attack at Amiens, France, beginning what is known as The Hundred Days Offensive, or Canada’s Hundred Days, the great final push of the First World War. John Bernard Croak is wounded and later dies in action that earns him the honour of being the first Newfoundlander to win the

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21st Century Education in New Brunswick


Great video from the New Brunswick Department of Education—again on the topic of bringing our classrooms into the modern age.

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Education Evolution

Check out this amazing video from edevolution on revolutionizing the classroom for today’s modern students.

What do you think – are today’s classrooms ill-equipped for the modern student? I think the video makes an especially good point about the technology being for students and teachers, not just for teacher-use alone.

And kudos to the amazing group of Middle School students and teachers who put this video together!

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Blackboard Battlefield

Welcome to Blackboard Battlefield!

Within, you’ll find an array of videos, photos and some of my thoughts on creating meaningful, student-centred education and commemorating (and sharing) stories of history and community.

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